Éva Nyáry

Curriculum Vitae

Nyáry Éva

She is honored by the The Gold Cross of the Order of Merits of the Republic of Hungary, member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. (MMA) Italia - emeritus Member of Academy "Italia in Arte nel Mondo"

Éva Nyáry has participated in foreign exhibitions abroad with the works of the Vienna, New York, London, Stockholm, Sofia, Damascus, Italy, Paris, Cannes, Luxembourg, Munich, Argentina, South Korea, Brazil, Portugal, New York and various cities. In several Museums and different cities exhibitions in Hungary.

  • 2018 - Painted a series of twenty paintings, entitled "World Famous Operas",
  • 2018 - 2019. - Surrealistic paintings,
  • 2019 - Interprets poems by famous poets,
    Exhibitions - Grand Palais in Paris, Firenze XII. Florence Biennale,
    Budapest Historical Museum.
  • 2020 - Firenze XIII. Florence Biennale
    Paris - Sonia Monti Galéria,
    PORTUGAL, ANG - Atelier Natália Gromicho, Lisboa,
    MONREALE - International Norman Biennial.

The artistic talents of renowned art historians have been praised in both domestic and international forums. (Articles, reviews) Éva Nyáry's diverse and successful work has been awarded many accolades and international awards over the years. Her paintings, inspired by poems and musical works, were a great success.

Honors - awards

  • 1993. Member of the French Grand-Palais des Expositions,
  • 2017. Hungarian Arts Academy - member
  • 2019. GIOTTO International Prize - Dom Pedro Lisboa,
    Luxemburg - Pinacothéque Galéria - Luxembourg Art Prize,
    International - Leonardo da Vinci Prize - Florence XIII. Florence Biennale.
  • 2020. International Prize FRIDA KAHLO, Milánó
    Firenze - Palazzo Ximénes Panciatichi, Artist of The Year 2020. prize,
    50 Artists to Invest in - Art UNIVERSAL - Palermo
    Luxemburg Art Pris Prize - 2020.
    ARTIST of The Year 2020. Monreale,
    International Prize - Norman Bienniale,
    International Prize - New York City.
    RÓMA - The Great Masters of Contemporary Art
    Michelangelo International Prize, RÓMA
    Luxemburg Art Prize. Luxemburg
    The Great MASTERS of Contemporary ART (2020)
    New York City - International Prize - (2020)
    Raffaello & Canova International Prize, Venice (2020)
    PERSEO tra arte e Legenda - International Prize, Lecce 2020.
  • 2021. DAVID Michelangelo International Prize (2021) - Italy
    The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists,
    DANTE Alighieri International prize - Italy (2021)
    Italia - Academy "Italia in Arte nel Mondo" - Member of the Academy Emeritus,
    "International Prize" Ambassador of Art (2021)
  • Academy Italia Arte nel Mondo - HERMES Int Art Award (2021)
  • Art Olympic Prize (2021)